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Your Contribution Makes It Possible!

Financial support is essential for keeping a non-profit organization on its feet and able to do the work it strives to do.

We are dedicated to making quality original films and all donations to Zoom Shorts Films Inc are used in doing just that.

All teams working with us are compensated with any funds which are designated to their specific project.  And when no designated funds are available, we make every effort to support the project with a portion of the community funds, as available.

We would be happy to pass your donation along to any specific project(s) to which you would like to contribute.  We have many short films in the works and are also working on feature length films.  Your funds will go straight to the projects you pick. 

You may also wish to make a  contribution to our general fund for our non-profit organization to help keep us afloat. 

All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you!  We are most grateful for your generous support! 


If you would like to receive a PERK for contributing to the feature film, "I Love You, Maria," please specify the specific PERK when contributing. 

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